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The Manorlands Project. New and Old Material.

In January of 2013, Joel, Rob, and Ryan headed up to a cabin in the Uintah mountains in a place called Manor Lands for about a week and a half. Armed with our snowmobiles and all our recording gear and instruments, we drove up as far as we could and then hauled all of our gear in on toboggans behind snowmobiles the rest of the way. We locked ourselves in a cabin surrounded by a foot and a half of snow and got to work.

We had planned on re-arranging and recording some old Broke / Broke City songs, and while we did that, we also ended up writing some new stuff that we're really proud of that turned out really well. Along with the songs came bouts of cabin fever, real-life zombie flies, brushes with oxygen deficiency, fixing snowmobiles, shoveling snow, lighting fires, drinking, laughing, and staying awake 'til our eyes couldn't see anymore. Luckily, we got the majority of our shenanigans caught on video.

The Manorlands Project is a culmination of everything that happened that week. We recently released a record of all the songs we recorded and finished up there, as well as a "making of" documentary that shows everything that happened during that crazy time. If you haven't heard it yet, head over to our online store to pick up your copy now!

We hope our friends, family, and fans will enjoy this material as much as we enjoyed making it.

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Just For Kicks EP

We know what you're thinking - it's been a long time since we've released an album. It's been almost 5 years, to be exact. Obviously we've been creating music since that last album was released, right? What happened to it all?!

Along with the Manorlands Project record, we in fact released a new EP called the Just For Kicks EP that includes all the finished, unreleased songs we've recorded over the past few years. This also includes 3 cover songs that we did a while back when we were feeling froggy and adventurous (*Note: The covers are only available as part of the digital downloads. They will not be on the physical CD, but all CDs come with download cards for these bonus cover songs).

This essentially wraps up the Broke City chapter altogether, and we're happy that we finally were able to release this stuff to you guys so you can hear what we've been doing since No Thanks For The Ride.

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Digital Downloads. Available Now!

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Manorlands Documentary Preview. Just a Taste.

Take a sneak peek at what will be in the Manorlands Project Documentary that you'll receive with some of the pre-order packages.

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